thinking Might change ideas

So I've been thinking instead of my original idea that I should just go all out and do what I've always wanted to do and that's open a full restaurant with Spanish food and cocktails with Hispanic desserts , and I wanna go where there is no other...

where should I go

What area in the USA be the best place to open a restaurant serving alcoholic beverages and desserts/appetizer ?? Still in the early stages of making my dream come true !

wine and cheese

What kinda of wine does everyone like to drink , I like moscato red, pink and I love putting cherries or strawberry or even grapes and have e ColbyJake cheese with... What your favorite wine n cheese??

beer and chocolate

What kind of beer and chocolate would you serve at a party/ get together ... My research says that beer and chocolate go good together but what chocolate would you all try with your beer?? 

white russian or sex on the beach

as far as drinks go i enjoy a white russian its been a while since i had one but with ice in it i am always a fan of this drink , now sex on the beach even though its to sweet sometime depending on how its made and with the right granish it can be a...